The Médicobox health passport – your key to a healthier you!

Médicobox’s intuitive and secure interface provides users with a platform that lets them see – and understand – their test results, using a variety of tools to help them make sense of the information.

With the Médicobox Health Passport, you can:

View your results quickly and easily from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Zero in on potential risk factors and make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent future complications.

Monitor your progress by comparing recent and past test results.

Take advantage of motivational programs to immediately see how your changes are having a positive impact on your life.

Share your Health Passport with your family members or the practitioners in charge of your medical, physical and nutritional care.

Keep track of your health-related appointments, using the test and immunization reminder feature.

Médicobox can be tailored to address your prevention and treatment needs, with a Health Passport customized to suit your profile so you can have a better grasp of what your results mean to you. We are committed to empowering users who require ongoing medical follow-up through a clinic or pharmacy or those who are simply interested in keeping closer tabs on their health.

The tools that come with the Médicobox platform are also designed to cater to the requirements and expectations of those following a specific fitness (exercise or rehabilitation) or nutritional regimen.

Now, more than ever, Médicobox puts your health at your fingertips!

Ask your healthcare provider about Médicobox services today.

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